Golf Events

Golf Event Photography and Videography

Private, Corporate and Charity Events

Do you have a gold event coming up?

Do you want to refresh your website with new images of your golf course?


Whether you run corporate events, tournaments or sponsor golf events, it’s important to get professional images for future publications, social media or even future marketing.

As good as phone photography is, when it comes to selling your products, it’s important to make the best first impression on potential customers. That is the same for golf courses, corporate events and even schools. How will prospective parents know that your school runs great golf events if you don’t document them?

Sponsorship, Promotional or Documentary

Significantly higher than photography, video is the most consumed media online. There is no better way to document or promote your next event.

Golf events take a long time to organise, it’s important to make the most of it and take as much media away as possible. As an organiser, you want to show prospective clients how great your events are and as a Golf Course, you want to show customers how great your course is.

The best way to convey this is certainly video.

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